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Bilingual/Bicultural Education

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FREE Webinars on Bilingual Education Spring 2016 – CUNY-NYSIEB – Registration 

UNY-NYSIEB (City University-New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals) will once again be offering four free webinars on Bilingual Education. You and the student-educators in your bilingual education/extension/certification programs are invited to participate virtually in any of four different programs that will be delivered through one-hour free webinars: •March 7, 2016, 4:00-5:00pm Teaching practices and …

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Bilingual Education Panel Discussion at JCC, Manhattan 

The JCC, Manhattan, in conjunction with La Escuelita, a model preschool for bilingual education/Spanish on the upper west side, is hosting a panel of experts on bilingual education Thursday evening, Oct. 8th,7-9 p.m.  Wine and snacks will be served. We hope that students and faculty from Columbia Teachers College will consider joining us for this …

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BBE & TESOL/AL Symposium: Foreign Language Learning from Different Perspectives 

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Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by ahofc.

Towards the end of Spring Term 2014, the Bilingual Bicultural Education (BBE) program and the TESOL/Applied Linguistics (TESOL/AL) program held their first joint symposium at which M.A. and Ed.M. students from both programs presented their work to the audience. While the TESOL/AL program has always been nested in the Department of Arts and Humanities, the …

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Interview with Professor Torres-Guzman 

Bilingual/Bicultural Education faculty member Dr. Maria Torres-Guzman discusses her experiences in higher ed in an interview with Estrella Olivares-Orellana. To read the interview, follow this link.

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On speaking Spanish 

I wrote this post for my Pressible Blog Multilingual Measures (which I hope to keep updated throughout the school year). In any case, the content is relevant for all bilingual/multilingual speakers and educators. I thought I'd repost it on our department blog to get things moving!

Reposted from Multilingual Measures. Written by sarahcacicio.

When I tell people I am fluent in Spanish, they are generally impressed.  They say things like: "I wish I could speak another language!" or "I studied French for four years and don't remember anything!" They might shake their heads matter-of-factly and say, "These days you gotta speak Spanish, pretty soon Chinese." They might talk …

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