Attention Bilingual/Bicultural students: We need your brains!

The Bilingual/Bicultural Program will launch a new campaign by the end of this year.  The purpose of our campaign is to thread together various activities, such as creating brochures, constructing a public image, raising awareness about bilingual education, and fundraising in order to strengthen our program.

What we need now is a name for our new campaign, a kind of slogan or catchy title that encompasses what we represent as a multilingual community in the world.  (FYI: the music department has come up with the name Music Communities.)  Our slogan will communicate to the world (especially potential funders!) how much we treasure language and how central we feel it is for learning, identity, community building, and mutual understanding.

The name of our campaign should inspire people with money to fund us so that we may add program components, create fellowships, and promote research/collaborations that will enrich our program and propel community outreach.

With greater funding, we could provide scholarships for people like the Dreamers who are first generation undocumented students to attend college and graduate school, for endangered language group students, and for students who are advocates for language freedom!  We could add program components that would strengthen the teaching experiences of our current students in practice!  We could establish collaboration with colleagues in other parts of the world, like the Maori, around research for maintenance of a language!

The world is open to our social imagination around language.  Think big.  Think bilingually.

As if naming our new program campaign isn’t exciting enough, the student who comes up with the winning title will receive a copy of Professor Torres-Guzmán’s latest book — Freedom at Work.  Thus, we invite you to join us in generating ideas that will drive our work in the foreseeable future.

Please submit potential campaign names in the form of a comment to this post so that we can build on each other’s ideas.  Thank you!