TEP Head Literacy Curriculum Developer

| December 8, 2014

The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School


We are now hiring for a Head Literacy Curriculum Developer for TEP. This is a full-time curriculum development (non-teaching) position.  This individual will be responsible for refining, expanding, and shaping TEP’s existing materials into a unified, vertically-aligned 5th through 8th grade curricular sequence that enables students to meet and exceed the Common Core Literacy Standards. While the initial focus will be on the reading and writing curriculum within English Language Arts classes, it will also include the literacy-based elements of TEP’s Social Studies and Science curricula. In addition to refining TEP’s existing internal curricular resources, this individual will be responsible for selecting and integrating external curricular materials/programs as well as developing new materials as needed. This individual will work directly with TEP’s Principal and literacy teachers.  The full job description, salary/benefits info, and application instructions are here:  www.tepcharter.org/HeadLiteracyCurriculumDeveloper.php