Student Teaching Opportunities

| November 18, 2016

We are currently looking for student teachers that are interested in learning from our dedicated and passionate dual language teachers.  We have a Spanish and English Dual Language program in grades K-2 that will grow in the next three years up to 5th grade.  Our model is a 60/40 model; 60% of instruction is in English and 40% is in Spanish (M-W-F in English and Tu-Th in Spanish).  Our population is 50% English dominant and 50% Spanish dominant entering Kindergarten.  However, our goal is to have our students graduate from 5th grade speaking, reading and writing in both.

We have the following mission:

We need to prepare our children to be good biliterate citizens for our republic who can innovate and who look out for number two instead of number one.”

That being said, we are looking for student teachers that are developing their own craft to come learn and help our amazing teachers.  In our six classrooms, we use color coding to scaffold language (Spanish in green and English in blue).  Our teachers also use ESL teaching techniques (visuals, word walls, total physical response, songs, etc) to facilitate instruction during Morning Meeting, Guided/Shared/Independent Reading, Learning Centers, TC Writer’s Workshop, Mathematics, and Interdisciplinary studies (science and social studies integrated units).
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Natalie González Valdés | Master Teacher Dual Language


at  Roberto Clemente State Park. PS 274

Office: (718) 901 – 9703