Ricardo Anzar Featured on TC Homepage

| February 27, 2014
AnzarRicardo Anzar is an Arts and Humanities master’s student who enrolled in TC’s BiLingual/BiCultural Education Program (BBE) this fall.  He graduated from the University of Redlands with a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies. While there, he gained a passion for helping and teaching others in need through volunteering at schools and social agencies in the Latino community in San Bernardino, CA.  Those experiences made him want to pursue a career in education. Upon completing his bachelor’s degree, he was awarded a J.W. Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to teach English at a bilingual high school in Madrid, Spain.
Why did you choose TC?

Being interested in Bilingual/Bicultural education, I primarily chose TC because it provides me with great opportunities to work in a city that has one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse student populations in the world. In addition, I also chose TC because it is one of the most prestigious education schools in the country that provides students with scholarships, amazing educational resources, and phenomenal professors.

Tell us a bit more about your studies in the BBE program.  What was it about the program that interested you initially, and what experiences thus far would you like to share with our alumni and friends?

I chose to pursue a master’s in bilingual education because of my teaching experience abroad at a bilingual school.  Having firsthand experience in this environment, I was able to witness the academic benefits that students receive from learning two languages. I wanted to continue working in a culturally and linguistically diverse school in the US.  I was initially interested in the Bilingual/Bicultural education program because, unlike other bilingual education programs, the program at TC has multiple tracks that a student can choose to pursue, depending on their level of education and interest in the field.  Most people in the program choose to do the MA track that leads to teacher certification.  I am doing the MA in BBE track that does not lead to teacher certification because I am interested in working with bilingual education outside the classroom, specifically with bilingual education policy. I am currently taking a Bilingual Education Foundations course which goes over all of the different methods and theories that can be used in bilingual programs/schools.  I am currently working on a case study where I have to observe a bilingual program in order to see the effectiveness of a bilingual program. Depending on how I rate the program I have to give suggestions based on what I have learned in class to help improve the program.

Upon completing your masters, what are your career plans and how would you like to specifically make an impact on the world as an educator?

Upon completing my masters, I would like to obtain a position where I can work with language policy in California in order to try to change the anti-bilingual education law that is currently in place.  Changing the law from English only instruction to bilingual instruction will help the increasing population of English Language Learner students learn English, maintain their native language, and acquire a high level of academic achievement.

Where do you see yourself, say 10 years out after completing your Master’s degree?

In 10 years I see myself either doing research in bilingual education or as a principal of a bilingual school in California.