PROJECT ASSISTANT in the Office of Bilingual Education

| July 22, 2014
NYS Education Department Building


SALARY: $63,041*

The Office of P-12 Education is seeking applicants for the position of Project Assistant as part of the “Race to the Top” (RttT) initiative in the Office of Bilingual Education.  Duties of this position will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Providing assistance to the project coordinator in the management of the RttT Initiatives related to English Language Learners (ELLs); ensuring that vendors are meeting time lines and producing high-quality deliverables for all teachers of ELLs;
  • Providing statewide leadership for the development and implementation of curriculum and instruction related to the Bilingual Common Core Progressions;
  • Assisting with the development of English language proficiency assessments aligned to the Bilingual Common Core Progressions;
  • Assisting in the development and production of curriculum guidance materials, instructional resources and assessment tools and techniques aligned to the Common Core learning standards specifically for teachers of ELLs;
  • Undertaking specific tasks related to quality control of vendor contract/MOU deliverables;
  • Assisting with the development of  professional development to build capacity for all teachers working with ELLs at the State, regional and local levels;
  • Collaborating with the Office of State Assessment to ensure that the State assessment system is aligned with the needs of ELLs; and
  • Preparing reports required by the Board of Regents, Governor, Legislature, U.S. Department of Education, etc.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must have a master’s degree or higher and 3 years of relevant professional experience in the P-16 education field.  This includes experience as a teacher/leader with ESL/Bilingual certification; master teacher of ESL/Bilingual; P-12 instructional leader of English Language Learners; human capital manager engaged in professional skill/competency development or career/learning planning of ESL/Bilingual teachers; teacher education instructor for ESL/Bilingual teachers; teacher education administrator involving a large percentage of English Language Learners; professional developer of ESL/Bilingual educators; researcher for English Language Learners; policy developer/analyst for English Language Learners.  Two years of full-time classroom teaching experience may be counted toward the three year experience requirement.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: This will be a temporary appointment.

*Leads to a maximum salary of $79,819 with annual performance advances.

APPLICATION: Qualified candidates should send a resume and letter of interest to (email submissions are preferred).  Please include the Box number (P12-1086) in the subject line of your email to ensure receipt of your application.

Office of Human Resources Management
Box P12-1086/14871
NYS Education Department
89 Washington Avenue, Room 528 EB
Albany, NY 12234
Fax (518) 486-5631

An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer