Master Teacher

| July 15, 2014



OVERVIEW: The new teacher leadership roles offer greater opportunities for effective teachers. With these new positions, teachers can become part of a clearly articulated career pathway for growth which encourages talented teachers to stay in the system longer. Teacher leaders—integral members of a school team who are closely connected to its unique needs and culture—can expand their reach beyond their classrooms by sharing best practices with colleagues and facilitating deeper collaboration within and across schools. Teacher leader roles can augment important work of developing teachers through peer support, collaboration and leadership, and add critical instructional capacity school-wide. In this first year of implementation, the new teacher leadership positions will be available in a small subset of schools, which can be viewed here. The Master Teacher position is a unique opportunity for excellent educators seeking a position that can broaden their impact beyond their own classroom.

POSITION SUMMARY: Research shows that teachers learn and develop most effectively through the support of their peers. The Master Teacher position is a new teacher leadership role within the NYC DOE. Master Teachers play a significant role in reaching school-wide goals by extending their impact as teachers. Working closely with school leadership, Master Teachers will define their role which could include supporting the development of peers by facilitating instructional support activities, leading study groups, and facilitating coaching conversations with educators. Master Teachers are exemplary educators tasked with promoting excellent teaching through purposeful sharing of best practices and peer coaching to create a collaborative learning culture that bolsters instruction.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Master Teachers will have all of the duties and responsibilities of a teacher as well as the additional duties and responsibilities outlined below. Master Teachers will work closely with their school leadership to define school wide needs, outline strategies to improve instructional capacity and further develop a culture of shared leadership.

Master Teachers will have three (3) main responsibilities:

1. Master Teachers will help lead the building of school-wide instructional capacity by working together with the school leader and teachers to establish an effective distributive leadership model. The distributive leadership model will be instrumental in supporting school-wide goals. School-wide responsibilities will be determined in collaboration with the school leadership team and may include activities such as making a plan for school-wide professional development among other key strategies.

2. Supporting the development of groups of teachers through meaningful professional development aligned with the Danielson Framework. The Master Teacher supports the professional development of other teachers either by grade or subject area. This may include but is not limited to:

a) Deepening the connections between formative classroom visits and professional learning experiences

b) Leading study groups around standards, assessments and instruction

c) Coordinating school-based support activities such as assisting teachers in setting goals for their professional development

d) Serving as a “critical friend” to colleagues by providing coaching and feedback and taking a leadership role on school teacher teams

e) Modeling best practices in their classrooms

f) Leading teacher teams

3. Facilitating the development of individual teachers through focused coaching via classroom visits, debriefing, and designing meaningful growth opportunities. They will achieve this by building purposeful relationships with colleagues and utilizing their time visiting classrooms and debriefing visits with colleagues, as well as designing structured meaningful peer learning opportunities aligned to the Danielson Framework.



• A New York City license and/or New York State certificate

• Ability to provide concrete examples of significantly impacting student achievement

• Demonstrated ability to create collaborative and effective professional learning teams or communities

• Experience facilitating or leading effective teams

• Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral)

• Tenured teacher with highly effective or effective service in NYC public schools or satisfactory rating where applicable.

• Excellent record of attendance and punctuality


• Deep knowledge and experience with Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, Common Core Learning Standards, and varied assessments (including periodic assessments)

• Unyielding commitment to continual improvement of instructional practice of self and others

• Ability to work collaboratively with peers and school leadership team to achieve results

• Demonstrated ability to initiate or implement initiatives that support school wide improvement goals

• Experience working successfully in a high-need school environment

• Prior experience in creating model classroom learning environments

• Proven ability to use data to inform and adapt instruction

• Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with other teachers and administrators

• Ability to create and nurture a professional learning community

• Experience serving in formal or informal teacher leadership positions (e.g. Lead Teacher, Coach, Instructional Lead)

• Experience designing and conducting professional development workshops

• Experience coaching adults, providing peer feedback, and a keen understanding of adult learning

• Excellent public speaking and facilitation skills

• Excellent organizational, oral, written communication and technological skills

SELECTION PROCESS: Selection will take place in a two-stage process. First, selections will be made by a joint UFT-DOE Selection Committee. The Committee will screen applications according to qualifications to establish a highly selective pool of eligible candidates. The first stage of selection will be finalized by the end of July. Interested applicants should be prepared to be available for in-person interview in mid-July.

In the second stage, principals will make selections of Master Teachers only from the pool of eligible candidates selected by the Joint Selection Committee. Individuals in the pool selected by a principal are not obligated to accept an offer for a Master Teacher position. The position will be for a term of one year.

SCHEDULE/WORK YEAR: As per NYC DOE/UFT agreement, in addition to normal school hours, Master Teachers will also complete their responsibilities during the following times:

 Three (3) days prior to the beginning of the school year including participation in a teacher leadership orientation/conference which will likely, take place the last week of August 2014.

 Four (4) hours per month to conduct Master Teacher responsibilities, listed above, and receiving or delivering professional development.

• Participate in professional development activities to support development in their role as a Master Teacher periodically throughout the school year and relay this information to the principal and staff.

• Professional periods (where applicable) shall be utilized for this role.

SALARY: Master Teachers receive additional compensation of $20,000 over and above applicable annual salary for one year contingent upon the selected candidate remaining in the position at the school through the 2014-2015 school year. The candidate will be required to sign a document agreeing to the terms and conditions of the position as agreed upon by the NYC Department of Education (NYC DOE) and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT).


• Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

• Applicants are required to first complete an eligibility screen to initiate their application via

• Citywide personnel committee will screen applications and interview applicants to create an eligible pool.

• School-based personnel committee will then interview and select from the eligible pool beginning in July. Selections may be made only from staff members who were admitted to the central pool.