K-8 Spanish Teacher Needed for The School at Columbia University

| April 9, 2014
K-8 Spanish Teacher for The School at Columbia University

Job description:
– Teaching classes of about 20 students in the context of an integrated curriculum
– Committing to the academic social mission of the school which requires differentiation to meet the needs of an admirably diverse community
– Collaborating with a strong team of teachers in the design and implementation of integrated curriculum
– Keeping careful anecdotal and assessment records and using them to write accurate, comprehensive reports
– Working to ensure academic excellence by fully knowing students and adapting curriculum to meet needs
– Fulfilling duties, responsibilities and commitments as outlined in the faculty
handbook, Teaching at The School at Columbia University
– Participating fully in the demanding and rich life of the school

Qualifications include:
– B.A./B.S. degree or equivalent degree or educational qualification from an accredited college or university
– At least two years full-time teaching experience in public or independent schools
– Strong skills in: Second language learning and differentiation to accommodate native speakers and second language learners
– Strong communication abilities including speaking and writing in both Spanish and English
– Wide-ranging intellectual and educational interests
– Commitment to diversity and collegiality
– Legal to work in the United States
– Advanced degree in a related field
– Knowledge of latest research and thinking about world language education
– Confident with new technologies
– Knowledge of Spanish