Internship for Spanish speaking students and teachers

| September 9, 2014
ELLIS Preparatory Academy in the Bronx is looking for Spanish-speaking students/teachers interested in an internship position as a basic numeracy teacher for high-needs immigrants and SIFE (students with interrupted formal education). The position does not require credentials or certification.

Part of the International Schools Network, ELLIS is a unique public high school that caters strictly to newcomer immigrants. Many students are overaged and/or have had interrupted formal education. ELLIS additionally has students with no formal education. The working environment at ELLIS is one of family and collaboration. Each teacher is principally focused on the students’ personal wellbeing, growth, and success, striving to meet the wide range of the students’ complex needs.


We are actively looking for Spanish-speaking students/teachers to work in the area of basic numeracy (i.e. at Pre-K – 1st grade levels) with our highest need students and SIFE. These are students aged 16+  and did not receive a comprehensive formal education or attend school in their home countries. Many of them cannot yet count to 100 and have little understanding of numbers in general. We are looking to provide these students with the numeracy foundations they need in their native language so that they can transfer this information to a second language in the future. Essentially, the teacher will be teaching early-childhood and elementary content to high-school aged students.


– The classes are taught in Spanish. Target students have limited to no English proficiency.

– The internship is unpaid, but the individual will be working and collaborating with highly commended professionals in the area of immigrant and SIFE education. Additionally, this position is truly unique in that the school has created it. As such, there is great potential for research on the part of the teacher.

– The teacher will be given a private office space in which to work with students, store materials, and place posters and/or any other resources on the walls. The office space is located in a suite connected to a second office and a full classroom and an additional office. The teacher will have access to this classroom, which is equipped with a SmartBoard, computers, and other resources.

– Office and classroom spaces will be unoccupied at the time of class, however if the the teacher is uncertified, he or she will be monitored by a supervising teacher in an adjoining room.

– The teacher assumes primary responsibility of planning and developing a general curriculum based on student progress and needs.

– Classes will take place in a pull-out setting. This setting will be at the small-group and/or individual level.

– Supervising teachers are the school’s native-language literacy specialist and Special Ed teacher. The teacher may find him- or herself collaborating with them often, because these teachers provide the target students with services throughout the year.

– Overall focus is building number sense at early childhood and elementary levels. The teacher has the full ability to add and/or modify target areas based on observations of student progress. Examples of current target areas include:

– Cardinality
– Rote counting
– Base-10 facts
– Identifying and completing patterns
– Addition and subtraction facts 1-10


– The position will last until the end of the semester, with the possibility of renewal in the Spring.

– The position is effective immediately, however the individual is free to begin at any point in the next month depending on his or her limitations.

– The individual must be available at least 3 days a week for at least 2 hours. This will enable the teacher to have 2 classes per day.

– Specific class hours (e.g. morning, mid-day, afternoon) are flexible and can be determined by the teacher. The school will accommodate the teacher’s schedule as best possible.

– The teacher is free to extend his or her hours beyond these 1-2 hours. Any additional classes will be fully embraced and supported by the school.

– The teacher is free to extend his or her days beyond the 3 days a week.


– Native and/or near-native Spanish speaker

– Education in the area of basic numeracy instruction at the early childhood level

The following criteria are preferred, but not required:

– Experience teaching basic numeracy in a whole-class, small-group, or individual setting

– Formal certification

– Experience with curriculum development

– Experience and/or training in Special Education

– Native Spanish speaker


If you are interested in this position, please contact Sarah Digby at to set up an interview. Interested individuals can also request a visit to the school.