Indigenous Conference (SAVE THE DATE)

| September 21, 2016

Dear students​,

​The program of Comparative and International Education is coordinating the​ conference Contributions of Indigenous Knowledge to Education: Responding to New Migration in New York City Schools, which will take place on November 3-4, 2016, at Teachers College, Columbia University,

The event will convene academics, researchers, and students, as well as teachers, administrators, and educators from the NYCDOE and nonprofits/CBOs to learn from and engage in conversation with Indigenous leaders and educators who are either from Indigenous communities in Mexico or work closely with the communities from which many new immigrants are coming to enter the public school system in NYC. The 2-day conference will host keynote speakers as well as a series of panels of educators and academics working both in the US and Mexico to discuss and brainstorm around issues affecting Indigenous students in NYC public schools, as well as the possibilities and contributions of Indigenous epistemologies and curricula to intercultural and bilingual education in Latin America. Additionally, some panels during the conference will take the form of mini-workshops so that teachers currently working in the NYCDOE, and those responsible for thinking about policy and pedagogy that affect immigrant students, will have the chance to learn from Indigenous leaders and knowledge keepers about the historical, political, and economic factors that compel migrants to move to the US, the transnational ties that exist between Indigenous communities in Mexico and the US, and finally the linguistic and cultural resources and backgrounds of the students they are charged with teaching.