Head of English Learning | Primary @ Chinese International School

| January 25, 2017

Chinese International School | Hong Kong

CIS offers a dynamic dual-language learning environment for educators who wish to practice their craft at a high level. Located in Hong Kong (with a mini-campus in Hangzhou), CIS is a microcosm of this fast-paced yet extremely liveable city – an ever-evolving blend of Asian and Western languages, cultures, tradition and innovation.

When it opened in 1983, CIS became Hong Kong’s first school offering an international curriculum in English and Mandarin. We are proud of our track record as something of a pioneer and continue to seek opportunities where we can remain at the forefront of education. As a consequence, staff are encouraged to innovate and are well-supported in their efforts.

In recent years, CIS has broken new ground with the launch of its “Hangzhou CIS” Year 10/Grade 9 boarding program on the Chinese mainland; our introduction to students and staff of Positive Education; and our experimentation in the area of “Connected Learning”, whereby students may nurture their interests in STEAM, entrepreneurship and other areas of endeavor.

At the same time that it continues to evolve, CIS is also notable for the stability of its community. The average tenure of both teachers and support staff is 9-10 years, while student turnover is typically about 5% or less per annum. CIS families are generally long-term residents of Hong Kong and rooted in the community, and CIS benefits from the fact that both parents and alumni are extremely active in the life of the school.

Desired Skills and Experiences

  • Familiarity with the principles of positive psychology is helpful. CIS has adopted “Positive Education” as the bedrock for student and staff well-being and flourishing.
  • Openness to technology is expected. CIS has embraced a technology-infused approach and high level of comfort with technology is actively cultivated with professional development and the support of designated ICT facilitators.
  • The ability to collaborate across languages, disciplines and teams is highly valued, particularly in the Primary school where an explicitly collaborative teaching model is used and partner teachers (one Mandarin-speaking, one English-speaking) co-teach and share responsibility for a single homeroom.
  • Primary teachers conversant with Columbia Teachers College’s “Reading & Writing Workshop” and Harvard Project Zero’s “Cultures of Thinking” will find themselves very much at home at CIS.


CIS may fill the position prior to the closing date if a suitable candidate is found. To submit an online application, please visit https://go.schrole.com/public/38/chinese-international-school.