Director, Transitional Bilingual Education

| October 7, 2014

Note: Position only open to internal NYC Department of Education employees. ‘may only be filled with internal current DOE candidates’

Education Administrator Senior Subject Area Instructional Program Management Specialist ELL/BIL Instruction Specialist (ea41)

Position Summary: Under the supervision of the Executive Director, Instruction for the Department of English Language Learners and Student Support (DELLSS), the Director,Transitional Bilingual Education leads the Departments efforts to provide supports to schools, school administrators and teachers operating transitional bilingual education programs at their school site. The Director, Transitional Bilingual Education collaborates with the Director, Bilingual and Dual Language Education and a team of curriculum and bilingual instructional specialists to support teachers and schools operating transitional bilingual programs across a range of grade and native language areas. The Director, Transitional Bilingual Education will partner with school and network teams to ensure the high-quality delivery of instruction in all TBE programs. The Director will also advise DELLSS leadership on the bilingual expansion strategy for opening up programs in new sites spanning Pre-K through high school levels. S/he will coordinate closely with the Senior Director, ELL Curriculum and Professional Development to ensure alignment of all professional development, curriculum, and instructional efforts to schools. Performs related work.

Reports to: Executive Director, Instruction for the Department of English Language Learners and Student Support (DELLSS)

Direct Reports: Bilingual Instructional Specialist (1)

Key Relationships: Cluster and Network Leaders, Community Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers, Children First Networks, and ELL Specialists


  • Serve as the lead point person in the Department to all Transitional Bilingual Education programs in the City
  • Supervise a bilingual specialist responsible for the design and delivery of high-quality curriculum and professional development materials that are grade and content specific.
  • Partner with the Senior Director of ELL Curriculum and Professional Development and the Director of Bilingual and Dual Language Instruction to ensure a well-coordinated support strategy from DELLSS to Bilingual and Dual Language Programs and Transitional Bilingual Programs.
  • Oversee the design and delivery of all professional development offerings by DELLSS to schools with Transitional Bilingual Education programs to ensure relevance, alignment and high quality of services provided.
  • Partner with relevant curricular area specialists in the Division of Teaching and Learning to ensure overall coherence of instructional supports to the field.
  • Partner with the academic and research community as appropriate to inform the content of DELLSSs Transitional Bilingual Education programs.
  • Partner with the Director of Bilingual and Dual Language Education in DELLSS to ensure a well-coordinated approach to the field with respect to content-specific and language-specific supports.
  • Ensure consistency and quality of all instructional design materials in the office by creating specific protocols and processes for the creation and review of materials shared by all team members in content creation roles.
  • Partner with the Senior Director of ELL Curriculum and Professional Development and the Senior Director of ELL Instructional and Technical Support to provide relevant professional development to ELL Compliance and Performance Specialists and ELL Instructional and Technical Coaches.
  • Assist DELLSS leadership with strategic initiatives as needed including facilitation support at instructional workshops, service on the summer school ELL enrichment planning team.

Qualification Requirements


Applicants must possess a valid New York State certificate in School Administration/Supervision (SAS), School District Administrator (SDA) or in School Building Leadership (SBL) as well as a Certificate of Eligibility for Supervisory Placement or a valid New York City license in the specific area for which they are applying.

Please visit to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility.

Applicants must also possess NYSED certification in ESL or Bilingual Education.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of the educational needs of the diverse segments of the ELLs in grades Kindergarten through twelve, including newly identified and emerging groups of ELL students relative to funded programs initiatives.
  • Thorough knowledge of all ELL funded programs mandates, including Chancellors Initiatives and all state and federally funded programs and all related compliance issues.
  • Superior abilities in: analyzing data to identify trends and patterns, developing and implementing plans for instructional and programmatic enhancement, and designing and conducting professional development/technical assistance programs and strategies.
  • Extensive expertise and experience in one of the following areas: bilingual education programs, English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, Dual Language programs, ELL program management, ELL-funded program management and bilingual/ESL programs, and/or funded-program monitoring.
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, orally, in writing and via technology.
  • The ability to set project standards and monitor progress, and communicate interim and final results to the OELL and NYCDOE community and to policy-making audiences.
  • The understanding and ability to tap into local and national resources in relevant areas.


  • Masters degree in education.
  • Excellent and effective communication skills, including the ability to write well and make clear, concise oral presentations.
  • Superior ability to manage and administer large-scale initiatives and engage leaders.
  • Success in the creation of instructional design materials and the delivery of adult learning opportunities.
  • Deep content-specific knowledge and experience designing and delivering curriculum to students in math, science, social studies or ELA.
  • Understanding of knowledge management and integration at the school and classroom levels, as well as of organizing and managing the sharing of best practices.
  • Knowledge and ability to apply theories of effective practices for:
    • data-driven instructional practices and student achievement;
    • development of academic literacy; and
    • use of instructional technologies and differentiated instructional strategies.
  • Ability to be a self-starter who works effectively as a member of a team.
  • Ability to be a solutions-oriented problem-solver.

Salary: $106,201+

Please be sure application includes cover letter and your 6-digit file number that was issued along with your NYC Certification of Eligibility.

Applications will be accepted through October 10, 2014 at 3pm.

Note: Position only open to internal NYC Department of Education employees. ‘may only be filled with internal current DOE candidates’. The filling of all positions is subject to budget availability.

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