Department of Education’s ‘Pre-K For All’ Outreach Team Seeks Volunteer Community Organizers

| July 16, 2014

As one of the Mayor’s signature issues, this initiative will provide robust early educational opportunities for all children who turn four years old by the end of 2014.

The initiative is currently looking to assemble three teams of five volunteer community organizers who will provide support at community events that are scheduled each week (primarily on weekends) within Manhattan (or the outer boroughs if more convenient). Each team will have a Team Lead, and four Organizers that will support events. Events have an estimated time commitment of 4-8 hours.

While at each event, teams are expected to engage local families through the dissemination of information on the initiative. Each team will be provided with all of the necessary supports needed to engage with local families (e.g. – fliers, sign-up sheets, any-and-all relevant resources/information).

All interested individuals should contact Christopher Yarrell, Manhattan Enrollment Specialist for the Pre-K for All Outreach Team, at