Curriculum Design: Teaching with a Purpose [6/19, Full Day] Andrea Enriquez, Belen Santos ☆

Curriculum Design: Teaching with a Purpose

Belen 2

 In Curriculum Design: Teaching with Purpose you will go through the steps of backward planning and curriculum design for the World Language classroom. By first envisioning what your students will be able to do at the end of a unit of study, we will go through the steps on how to get there by setting up the groundwork. We will explore how to interweave a holistic set of skills for students that include organization, language acquisition, understanding of cultural content, collaboration, risk taking, critical thinking, problem solving, technology and more. We will provide strategies for the implementation of purposeful classroom management, progress assessments, differentiation and pacing while staying in the target language. The second part of the workshop will allow you to put into practice what you learned and get started on creating a meaningful unit of study. This workshop is geared towards World Language educators. Any new or experienced teacher looking to revamp a unit of study or create intricate curriculum will find this workshop useful.aenriquez 2