Bilingualism Research (Fullbright Researcher from Russia)

| April 17, 2018


Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • What are the differences between the way native and non-native speakers of English (or any other languages) use it depending on the genre?
  • What exactly causes these differences?
  • What effect (if any) does our personality have on the way we use our first and second (third, etc.) language?
  • How do people feel about using their second (third, etc.) language and does their identity transform while doing so?

What do I need to do to try to answer them?

  • to collect a corpus of texts on a general topic and those involving descriptions of emotions written by native and non-native speakers;
  • to get them to do a series of psychological tests;
  • to record interviews with non-native speakers to learn about their experience learning English and their feelings about that?

The written part of the study takes about 90 minutes to complete and the interview is about 10 minutes long.

DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE STUDY (whether English is your first/second/third, etc. language)?

Please contact me, Olga Litvinova (a Fulbright researcher in the Linguistics Department), at or

This study has been approved by the Montclair State University Institutional Review Board, MSU IRB #FY17-18-800.