Assessment Development Program Manager

| November 14, 2014

Who We Are

The New York City school system is the largest in the country, composed of approximately 1.1 million students and 75,000+ teachers in over 1,700 schools. The Office of Periodic Assessment (OPA) is dedicated to increasing student achievement and ensuring post-secondary readiness, from early childhood through high school, by ensuring high-quality assessment options for schools, leveraging assessment data to strengthen instructional practices among teachers, and fostering conditions necessary to empower networks, school leaders and teachers to promote high standards for student learning.

What You’ll Do

The Office of Periodic Assessment is currently seeking seven (7) Assessment Development Program Managers for the following content areas:

  • Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) in Math and ELA & Literacy Assessment
  • English Language Learners (ELL)/Language Other Than English (LOTE)/Native Language Arts (NLA)
  • Students with Disabilities (SWD)
  • Post-Secondary (PS)/Career Technical Education (CTE)/Arts
  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Math
  • Science

The Assessment Development Program Manager is responsible for managing new and existing contracts with external vendors, focusing on the development of NYC–specific periodic assessments aligned to commonly chosen curricula in DOE schools. He/she will manage procurement processes, collaborate with internal stakeholders on assessment design, and oversee a project plan which will ensure timely completion of all assessment work by the vendor and prompt delivery to schools. In addition, the Manager will work closely with the professional development team to create and deliver powerful teacher trainings, designed to enhance teachers’ understanding of periodic assessments as well as how assessment data can be used to drive better instruction and increase student achievement.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Managing overall design, implementation, administration, and continuous improvement of periodic assessments.
  • Managing vendor relationships to ensure timely and successful implementation of deliverables.
  • Continuously evaluating processes and procedures to identify areas of improvement and provide feedback to vendors.
  • Monitoring and reviewing customer service and technology support logs, proactively identifying issues, and collaborating with team members to solve user problems.
  • Developing strategies and supports to assist educators, administrators, technology representatives, and other DOE offices to implement periodic assessments effectively.
  • Providing policy recommendations which will enable teachers to measure student growth in valid and reliable ways, while also connecting curriculum standards alignment to improved student performance.
  • Creating a strategic communications plan for OPA along with all supporting materials (e.g. administrator manuals, website materials, parent communications, etc.)

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be able to connect the dots between assessments, teacher practice, and student performance. You understand the value that assessment data can bring to informing teacher practice and are excited at the prospect of helping teachers use data to hone their craft and improve student performance.
  • Have a strong passion for supporting and training teachers. You enjoy working with teachers from a variety of schools and grade levels and have experience creating and facilitating powerful professional development workshops.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment with changing deadlines. You’re no stranger to shifting demands, multi-tasking or working under pressure. In fact, you like to be kept on your toes and find such active work environments exciting.
  • Be a strong communicator and team player. Whether it’s in writing or face to face, you are a born communicator with a proven track record of building and maintaining strong working relationships with a diverse range of internal and external constituents.
  • Never back down from a challenge. If there’s a problem to solve, you’re the one to do it. Not only are you adept at identifying and analyzing complex problems, but you are able to craft collaborative, innovative solutions and rally the required resources to deliver them.

Additional Qualifications:

  • 5 years of classroom teaching experience
  • A valid New York State certificate in School Administration/Supervision (SAS), School District Administrator (SDA) or in School Building Leadership (SBL) as well as a Certificate of Eligibility for Supervisory Placement or a valid New York City license in the specific area for which they are applying
  • Experience with assessment practices and assessment vendors
  • Previous school leadership or instructional management experience
  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to prioritize competing workstreams
  • Strong customer-service and problem-solving approach to work
  • Knowledge of the Common Core Learning Standards in NYC

Salary: Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

How to Apply: All interested applicants should apply directly through the NYC Department of Education website by clicking here. Applications are reviewed immediately and qualified candidates will be contacted directly.

Note: This role is dependent on final NYCDOE approval.

Should you have questions, feel free to contact Sarah Whittemore directly at and I will be happy to answer them.