A&HB 4199 Curriculum & Instruction for Bilingual Students With/Without Disabilities

| December 11, 2018
Spring 2019 course taught by Dr. Patricia Martínez-Álvarez and open to all advanced master and doctoral students.
Meets on Thursdays at 3-4:40pm
A&HB 4199: Curriculum & Instruction for Bilingual Students With and Without Disabilities
This course will help you familiarize with teaching and learning pedagogical approaches with bilingual children, including those with disabilities. The course will guide you in the process of developing inclusive bilingual curriculum, including an interdisciplinary unit, which you can the use for your practice and professional portfolio.
Integrating frameworks for designing curriculum from the fields of Bilingual/Bicultural Education (i.e., Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy) and Inclusive Education (i.e. Universal Design for Learning) this course is an advanced exploration of curriculum design and development work for the bilingual special education context. The course will assist participants in becoming acquainted with frameworks for designing curriculum and instructional invitations that center on student funds of knowledge, including language and experiences, and a range of ways of learning as well as facilitating successful and challenging learning experiences for all. Teachers will be asked to critically reflect on their curricular choices and focus on the learning needs and assets of their particular students. 
The course will engage students in an exploration of existing curricular materials for the bilingual inclusive classroom, and research exploring novel constructs for teaching and learning with bilingual childhood students with and without disabilities.